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Is my damage repairable, or do I have to replace my windshield?

The types of damage may differ, yet the repair procedure remains consistent across the board. Both chip and crack damages are deemed eligible for repair if they meet the following criteria:

For chips and cracks, they must measure less than 14 inches in length from start to finish, with an impact point smaller than 3/8”.

If the damage occurs within the Driver’s Primary Viewing Area (DPVA), cracks cannot exceed one inch in length from start to finish, with the impact point smaller than 3/16”.

Will I still see the chip after it is repaired?

Visibility following windshield repair hinges on the severity of the initial damage. Air pockets and perfectly circular shapes like “bullseye breaks” generally disappear entirely, though remnants of the clear resin’s shape may remain visible. Our primary aim in windshield repair is to structurally reinforce your glass, with aesthetic improvement as a secondary goal. At Glasstronaut Windshield Repair, we prioritize quality, durability, and aesthetics to ensure long-lasting results.

Are there certifications available for auto glass shops?

Glasstronaut Windshield Repair technicians are experienced and certified through courses at the National Windshield Repair Division of the Auto Glass Safety Council, and GlasWeld Professional Academy. We also are always continuing our education as new techniques and products are introduced to the Glass Repair Industry.

How much time does the repair take, and will I be able to drive as soon as it is repaired?

Typically, repairs are completed within approximately half an hour from start to finish. However, certain types of damage may require additional time, while others can be swiftly resolved and treated within minutes. Rest assured, your vehicle will be deemed safe to drive as soon as our technicians are completed with the repair.

How long do I have before my chip will turn into something unrepairable?

To prevent exacerbating damage to your windshield, refrain from rolling up your side windows when parked in the sun. Allowing any built-up heat pressure to escape without exerting force on your windshield can help prevent the spread of damage.

For temporary protection, apply a piece of clear packing tape over the affected area, ensuring to smooth it out to eliminate any air bubbles or gaps. This will aid in keeping the chip dry and safeguarded from debris.

Be mindful of temperature fluctuations. During winter, avoid turning the defroster on high if damage remains unrepaired. Similarly, in summer, refrain from turning the air conditioning on.

Remember, damaged glass is prone to worsening when subjected to rapid shifts between temperature extremes.

Are repairs permanent? Does Glasstronaut Windshield Repair offer any kind of warranty?

At Glasstronaut Windshield Repair, our repairs are permanent, backed by a lifetime warranty. In the unlikely event of a repair failure, you’re entitled to a full refund or credit towards a new windshield from a shop of your choosing.

Do I have to use a national brand because my insurance company recommends them?

No, steering practices are both unlawful and unethical. Regrettably, this doesn’t deter major corporations from attempting to secure the initial chance to sell their services to you. However, you always have the freedom to select the shop you prefer. Typically, most policies will reimburse you for any expenses incurred with chip repair companies. It’s important to note that this reimbursement policy varies for each policyholder.

ROLAGS - Glass Repair Standards PDF

By the way, we adhear to the highest of standards in the glass repair industry. Download the Standards PDF. Only the best for your car’s windshield.

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